I have recently discovered this amazing man. I have no idea who he is or what he does, but the words I heard him speak immediately made sense to me. I am always optimistic, I believe that God always places one exactly where they need to be, every single time. With everything that is going on in my life right now the Lord knows I could do with some motivation.

I have recently discovered a gentleman by the name of Gayton McKenzie. Before writing this piece I thought about googling him so to make my case more credible, but I decided to stick to the blurry vision that I have of him and keep my story as original as it possibly can. The first time I heard him speak was on Kaya FM on a radio show of this gentleman named T-bose. He was talking about his new book called “The uncomfortable truth”, the book is supposedly written for women and relationships and that is not really in my bucket list at the moment, but you know when a person is truly touching he can touch you whilst he’s not even talking to you. I then heard him on Metro FM on the Real Phat Joe’s radio show. He has a slot called the “Hustler’s Bible”, he comes through every week. The Hustlers bible is truly moving for me, it is aimed directly at people like me that just need to be reassured that it is possible to make it against all odds.

I’m a young man with big dreams, a man who often feels like his dreams are too big even for him and a man who often struggles to find the purpose for his existence; it is really a tough battle. I really did not have the smoothest upbringing. I was born and raised in KZN, I came to Johannesburg in 2003, I lived with my stepmom and things didn’t work out quite well, my father was around physically but was never really “there”. I was taken to live with my aunt around 2005, 12 months of complete disaster. I came back in 06 when my parents reconciled, but my father had lost his fancy job at that time and had been vulnerable to alcohol so the abuse he inflicted on the family was unbearable, it was no home at all. We were very unhappy, poor and abused, and all we had was just a fancy house to hide our pain from the rest of the world. The bank wanted to repossess the family home around 2007, my daddy sold it quickly before they could and so in 2008 we were staying even in a fancier one, but the problem is its rent was paid by the money from the first house, and by the time it ran out, hell broke loose. Have you ever struggled so hard that you couldn’t even afford toilet paper? But then maybe at that time toilet paper was an unnecessary luxury, because if there had been nothing in your stomach a trip to the loo seems rather meaningless. And when we were finally evicted from that house we had to use black disposable bags to move our stuff as we had no means to transport them, or even if we could, we had no accommodation for them.

As a result I have lived my life treasuring my pain in a way, glorifying it actually. I assumed that because of my situation, my failures are justified. But it has only been recent that I discovered that there are people out there who went through 3 times what I went through, and yet they still found a way to make something of themselves.

I do not really know much about Mr. McKenzie. I told a friend about him, I think he must have googled him because he told me that he was an ex-convict (which was the only thing I knew), and that he served time of about 10 years in prison and when he came out he decided he wants be a motivational speaker, and he took the liberty to self-study English (he apparently did not know it) so he can reach a wider audience, he achieved his goal and that opened more doors for him that he had ever imagined.

I looked at myself again, I have been blessed with satisfactory physical health, and so that means there is nothing stopping me from achieving my goals. I can never use my parent’s failures to justify those of my own because those were their lives and the decision they made were not mine, so I will have to make mine as well.

If someone who has been to prison for such a long time, hung with the type of people he did and still rose above the influence of his environment, what could stop me? He is only human, so am I.

I looked at the concept of inspiration more thoroughly. How one needs to be inspired in order to inspire others. Be inspired to put in the necessary effort to realize your dreams, use your success to inspire others who will be at that time where you once were. A lot of people often get it wrong; they usually confuse bragging with motivating. It is bragging when you make your success seem to be out of the ordinary and yourself to be an out-of-the-ordinary being for achieving it. It is motivation when you make your success to seem as not that much of a big deal but as something that can be attained by anyone who puts in the very same effort you did.

A friend of mine has recently said; “A broke motivational speaker can do nothing for me”. It may seem shallow unless you acknowledge that my friend is aspired to be rich, and unless you have been rich before you can never tutor people on how to be rich, because if your methods really worked you would have used them your damn self. At least that’s how I interpreted it.

I have been touched, I have been made to realize that there is nothing standing in between me and my dreams, and I someday hope to do for others what he has done for me. I have realized that being born poor doesn’t count for anything. I have realized that being poor doesn’t stop you from doing the things that you really want to do.

I have been inspired. I am inspired. To inspire.


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