Sisters, put on your big girl panties, I’m about to engage the weave debate.


You must understand that for as long as the black girl feels they need a helmet on their head 24/7…….we have a problem. The question is WHAT are we hiding and WHY?


I have been engaging this issue for many years. Some people ‘Get It’ while others feel I should ‘Get over It.’

Let’s go through some of the reasons I think the weave is a dis-ease and a diss to the black girl.




Imitation gives power to the person you are emulating. When a person imitates me, I know they want to be like me.

Black girl, our hair is not naturally long and flowing. Accept it. Embrace it. Flaunt it.

Nobody in the world has hair like yours. Most of the other races have similar hair.

Our hair is…

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