I Am In Love With A Hundred Girls

Before I say anything, I just want to tell my girlfriend that all the views expressed in this post are not those of her boyfriend’s, but those of most men. I had to address that so she wouldn’t doubt my love for her in any way, plus I know she’s against polygamy and she might deprive me of a couple of “privileges” upon posting this; such as her trust and attention, but one I fear the most is; her body.

This was inspired by a conversation I had with a friend at a mall as we were “window-shopping” beautiful girls, he said “with so many beautiful girls all around, it just feels wrong that we only have to choose one”. I then thought of all the women that I “like” and the thin line between ‘like’ and ‘love’. I “like” black chicks with big booties, white chicks with “supermodel” legs, and I could go on forever because I am attracted to many different ladies for many different reasons; from their mere physical looks, their taste in fashion and most importantly their personalities which are usually the most complex. I love good personality as much as I love the bad ones, from an assertive lady that greets everyone with a smile to a big-headed a–holes who thinks her looks are everything, everyone has a thing for her and she can take any girl’s man anytime she wanted to; for some strange reason that level of stupid confidence really turns me on. I love smart ladies that have never repeated a grade all their lives, top-10 students with all types of academic awards to their names, and independent ladies that obtain shares in a law firms before thirty, but I also have a thing for a high school dropout in leopard print leggings leading the neighborhood’s twerk team.

The only problem with loving all women is you can never have them all, you only have to choose one, and choosing a new one means losing the old one and sometimes you don’t want to leave your relationship for a new one but just add a new person to the current one, the more the merrier right? Another problem is we don’t always date our first choices, take me for instance, I initially wanted to date RnB singer Beyoncé Knowles but I couldn’t because I’m in Africa, I’m less than average in every possible way (in her context of course) plus she’s already married to multi-millionaire rapper JayZ. That still hasn’t stopped me from falling for her, my girlfriend and other 98 women as well.

King Solomon, King Mswati, Jacob Zuma amongst other wise men came up with a solution to this dilemma, polygamy. In my culture it is common practice, but for some strange reason I do not feel comfortable with the idea, never have and probably never will. No woman should be denied the gift of a man’s love, respect and attention devoted to her and only she, only if choosing her was as easy.

I can vent all day but I can never marry a hundred girls, no one can. I will someday mature enough to just choose one woman who truly makes me happy, and if she’s the one I know I’ll never worry about the other 99, no matter how big their breasts and booties can be. I will treat her with the best love and respect that I can, and if you respect someone you would never cheat on them, even if you knew there was not a slightest chance of them finding out.
And at the end of the day;
“It is not really about the most beautiful girl, but it’s all about a girl that makes your world most beautiful”.


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