8 Things I wish Someone Had Warned Me About Before I Turned 18

I’ve recently recorded a song with a young lady who has a toddler, she struggled finding the baby-sitter, and instead of rescheduling she decided to come with her baby in studio, and that taught me one thing; “If you really want to do something you find a way, if not, you find an excuse”.

Failure has no excuse, postponing your dreams because you are too “tied” up at the moment is really no justification either, nothing is really. I have not yet made it as an author, an actor, rapper or any other dream I’ve tried to peruse in my life, and all the excuses I convinced myself with to give up at that time sound plain stupid today, even to me.

We had such an impressive session that day, the vibe was so live, so was the music and yes, yes, yes; the baby was just too adorable. I then thought; “If only we invested as much effort in chasing our dreams as we do in making up excuses”. If only.

I used to think I was super smart and had it all figured out, I was wrong, only if somebody had told me these eight things sooner in my life. I wish someone had told me that:

1. My father wouldn’t live forever- We had a seriously shaky relationship, I was told to let go of all the anger and hurt but I just wouldn’t listen, and when he passed on I realized that all the arguments, insults, and fights were not really worth not working things out over.
2. High school wouldn’t last forever- We know high school will be done with soon enough but not the implication, or else we wouldn’t waste five years of our lives impressing people that probably won’t even make it to our adult life. As students popularity seems like the world, I wish some had told me that after high I’d have no contact at all with my vernacular class crush or my friends, and the only thing that would remain forever would be my sloppy grades.
3. Smoking cigarettes ain’t really as “cool” as it looks- I started smoking cigarettes in high school, and I only wish that someone would have told me that submitting to peer pressure would only result in bad breath, bad eyesight, possible infertility, and “financial insolvency”.
4. Having multiple sex partners wouldn’t make me feel less lonely- I’m no Mike Lowrey but my dynamism in character, my “way with words” and my light skin tone have placed me in linen sheets a couple of times, but no matter how many I might have been in I never really got what I really needed until I understood that I could have never truly loved anyone until I started with myself.
5. That I wouldn’t be rich at age 23- I have always been obnoxious. I believed I’d be super rich, drive a sports car, own a house on the hills in Cape Town and sleep with different super models every night. I wish someone would have told me to be humble, to engage myself with other people because we all need help from time to time.
6. Not everyone that smiles at me is my friend- Not everyone you call a friend would go the same lengths for you as you would for them, friends you consider brothers might turn on you and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.
7. That you only regret the chances you didn’t take- i quit making music back in 2010, I returned mid-2014, so the painful truth is I wasted about four years of my life. I just wish someone had told me not to do it, I wish I had taken a shot then, because now I’ve had to come back and do what I could have then.
8. That it is never too late to start over- I remember wishing to write another song but felt it was too late then, and years passed by. I wish someone would have told me that it is never too late, I have only discovered it now, and that it is still not too late, not even now.

There is no such thing as failure, only opportunities to start over.
It is never too later.


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