Racism In South Africa

1990 was a very special year for all black South Africans; Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Most people expected him to declare war at whites for all they had done to him and other comrades, but being a wise man that he was, he understood that one could never truly end oppression by simply becoming an oppressor himself, so instead, he proposed an ideal South Africa popularly known as “the rainbow nation”, where all South Africans would live together in harmony and unity, as he subsequently proved with the 1994 general national elections, it was truly a dream come true.

The plan was to provide equal opportunities for all races, unite them, eliminate racial boundaries so much that all people would eventually look at each other beyond races, as just people. If anything at all, time has proved that 20 years of democracy is really not sufficient to fully eliminate racism;
A private primary school in Johannesburg has been almost shut down because it was discovered that it is divided into two parts, where white children have their own playgrounds, classes and so on. The same is done for blacks so that these two racial groups of kids have no contact at all with each other, all in the same premises. The school’s principal claimed this practice was proposed by white parents who also threatened to move their kids to other schools if they had failed to comply.
An all boys school in the Northern Cape has recently reported a case of four white boys (aged between 14-18) who sodomized a black fellow student with a broomstick and painted his face with white paint, this is claimed to be not a racial case (although white paint couldn’t be justified) but rather a just “boys being boys” case.

These horrific incidents all include kids who didn’t see the Apartheid era, so the question is; “From whom does a born free child learn to be racist? White kids peed in black kids’ food, and two white girls from Pretoria University once painted their faces black, stuffed clothes on their backs to make their bums look bigger and wore working aprons at a costume party. Where do these young people learn to be so cruel?

White parents must have told their kids of the apartheid era and not shown remorse that these kids figured it was okay to be racist. They must have been taught that blacks are less human than them, are even lesser than animals as granddad would rather sit with his dog in the front seat of his farming bakkie on a rainy day whilst his black farm worker would be left to drink the rain all alone in the trailer.
The only thing that has changed is they now have replaced the word “Kaffir” with the phrase, “You people”.

Blacks depend on whites for financial stability, white parents teach their children to erect businesses and hire blacks to do what they are too “proud” to do themselves, and black children are taught to work hard to please white bosses before they even have one, and are given white names so their bosses can call them with ease. So again, whose fault is it that the white man still sees himself to be superior over the black one?

Whites have already had a head start, and blacks need to work twice as hard to catch up. They have to be also firm on how they’d like to be treated, be educated and independent. In an ideal world races do not compete but complete each other, all races must unite to bring this world to life.

Steve Biko once said; “The most powerful weapon in the hands of the oppressor is the mind of the oppressed”.



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  1. Sphesihle Qwabe · February 11, 2015

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    Today marks 25 years that Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Rest In Peace to him.


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