Racism In South Africa

Today marks 25 years that Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Rest In Peace to him.


1990 was a very special year for all black South Africans; Nelson Mandela was released from prison. Most people expected him to declare war at whites for all they had done to him and other comrades, but being a wise man that he was, he understood that one could never truly end oppression by simply becoming an oppressor himself, so instead, he proposed an ideal South Africa popularly known as “the rainbow nation”, where all South Africans would live together in harmony and unity, as he subsequently proved with the 1994 general national elections, it was truly a dream come true.

The plan was to provide equal opportunities for all races, unite them, eliminate racial boundaries so much that all people would eventually look at each other beyond races, as just people. If anything at all, time has proved that 20 years of democracy is really not sufficient to fully…

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