My Mama Told Me “. . . . .”

I have recently gone homeless; I lay up late at night thinking how I got myself in this mess. A lot happened in a blink, so I have no logical explanation for my “insolvency”.

I told my oldest friend about it, he then offered me to move in with him and his family, I felt a bit uncomfortable at first but later warmed up to the idea, only to have my bubble burst by his folks who were apparently not cool with it.

I then decided to visit my mom, told her about my latest rejection, and being a wise woman that she is, she just smiled at me and said;
“Another part of me is grateful this happened, it will teach you to stand on your own feet, and that not everyone will be there for you when you really need them to.

Not everyone thinks like you, sees things as you do and would do for you as much as you would for them if you could, learn to live with it. Some people are only in your lives because of certain circumstances and as soon as those change, they do as well.

This is your life, and you are the only person responsible for it, and no one else. No one truly has a responsibility towards anyone in this world, well, except for parents of course. You grow with certain people, dream with them and serve them with love, respect and loyalty and they do the same for you, but all that doesn’t necessarily mean they will never change someday, or you for that matter. In most times, when people change deliberately they do not realize it to be a bad thing, or how it affects those around them.

Most people fail to find fault within them, maybe not even you or me. Now go on kid, you have nothing to worry about, God will provide, he always does”.

I felt so much better after that conversation, and when I got back to what I still call home for the next couple of days I even smiled to myself a bit.



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