Our Thoughts Are Home For The Homeless

A friend and I have recently gotten lost on our way to a certain record company, we were so broke that we couldn’t catch a taxi back to town, as we were contemplating walking we decided to at least eat something first, I counted the change I had in my pocket, and it was just enough to cover a loaf of bread, a packet of chips and a cold drink. We then looked for a food outlet and discovered a very dodgy food shop, we were really desperate so we bought food there even though they had no place to eat, we carried our package like idiots until we found a post office box we set up on top of at the side of the road, next to an abandoned building. As we were about to eat we saw a homeless man sitting against this building and starring so much at us that my friend said to me; “man, this is so awkward, I seriously cannot eat with that guy looking at us like that”. I said nothing, I went on eating and I started thinking;

How does a man get to that level of giving up? What did he get wrong in life? And a whole lot of other questions. Every choice we make has its own consequences, even if we do not see them at the time of our choice, but somehow they always come come back to haunt us someday. Was it the case with this man? I seriously did not know. And then a voice inside my head quietly said to me;

“How he got there is really not my business, but my business is I have a responsibility towards him as we all do towards each other, because it is in our hands to preserve humanity. Helping others isn’t really a choice you can choose to pick or not pick, but it’s a responsibility we all have. You are not to judge or question anyone, but you are to help them in any way you can, with no questions asked. Obviously I couldn’t buy him a home, but I could share with him whatever I had, it didn’t matter how little it was, in the end it would have made a difference”.

For people who were as hungry as we were, we got full too soon. My friend said to me; “let’s save some for later” as we were about to embark on our long walk to freedom, and I responded “God will provide for us later”. I then wrapped up what was left of our meal and went over to this man, I put it down before him and bowed my head, he looked so hungry that he couldn’t even speak, he mumbled a ‘thank you and may God bless you breathlessly covered in an old rag of a blanket, his hair falling off, mouth full of cracks and his nose was blocked with blood.

I promised myself to never speak of it ever, but I just realized that if it inspires someone out there to do the same then I absolutely have to. For the fact that we had been lost there, we couldn’t catch a taxi there, we bought food at a place that had nowhere to eat and we only found a place next to him it really means we had to see him, and if we had ignored him, he would fail more than just him, we would fail fate as well.



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