Making Friends; Mission Impossible

Last night I watched this movie called I Love You Man, it’s about a guy who had no friends, who didn’t even notice it until he had to get married and needed a best man. This one scene he accidentally walked in on his fiancé’ and her girls talking about “his situation”, and one girl said to the fiancé; “Girl be careful of a husband with no friends, he might get very clingy”.

I am one of those guys, I seriously cannot hang out with other guys without it getting somehow awkward, I get easily irritated, fails to fit in, and has no interest whatsoever in “guy things” such as starring at random women’s butts, boozing, smoking, and starting up fights. Most of the guys I know are those I work with, co-hosts a Facebook page with him, he plays the guitar in my songs, he records me back-up vocals, he’s my producer, graphic designer, and as soon as we’re done with whichever project at that time, hanging out just kind of feels “awkward”.

I dream too big, every day is always an opportunity to do one more thing that pushes me towards reaching my overall goal, so there is no “play time” reserved apart from relationships of course; I have dated literally “everyone”, right after “someone”, hung out with “anyone” and used to sleep with “someone”, and about two years ago I was blessed with a very special girlfriend, she’s my BFF, we hang out, talk, play, fight and all days spent with her feel like a summer breeze, but she can’t exactly be the best man at her own wedding.

Meeting friends proves most challenging for me, maybe I’m too sentimental, I treat friendships with the same respect I do for relationships, that means in-depth understanding of your friends, their dreams, visions, fears and looking out for them as you would for your partner, so arm-wrestling, car racing and beer drinking contests just don’t cut it for me.

What do I do? Advertise a friendship vacancy? That I need a;
Matured and relaxed guy friend who likes writing and reading and also goes crazy when Drake’s music comes on the radio, it makes me look like I’m looking for a boyfriend than a friend.

I have made peace with the fact that I suck at this. I have good intentions and a very awkward way of conveying them, if I don’t sound too smart it’s too dumb, or just come across as really aggressive when getting points across and that irritates the hell out of every potential best man.

I don’t want to force it, I want it to happen on its own the day it does, but I seriously hope it happens sooner because I really need to start getting to know my potential best man; we have a wedding to prepare for.

I love you, Baby.

And yes, you too potential best man, wherever you may be.


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