Experience Is The Best Teacher

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in life is; “The only thing that separates successful people from those that are not are the choices they make”. Two people of equal strength are not guaranteed equal success, because it is determined by one’s will rather than just mere strength. Your mind is your most powerful tool, use it wisely.

June last year I lost my dad, at that time I was working at a small printer maintenance company as a junior technician, my boss really supported me (or I had imagined) and appalled I was when I returned to work to discover he was planning to fire me, and I learned; “Not everyone who smiles at you is your friend”.

I despised my job so much after that incident, so much that my departure was inevitable. I opted to recording music because it is something I’ve always been passionate about. Honestly at this age I had imagined I’d be very rich and prestigious, not only have I failed dismally but I’ve also gone homeless as well. Music is the only thing that still makes sense to me, and I’ve wasted so much of my life packing stocks, training sports and fixing printers when my calling has always been it. The lesson here is; “Peruse something you’re passionate about, or you will not succeed”.

I have learned that people do not love productive people; “The easiest way to create enemies is to try doing anything meaningful with your life”. I have seen half-naked pictures get more attention than most uplifting inspirational quotes ever on social media; Kim Kardishian and Amber Rose know it too.

A friend of mine had relied on his brother-in-law to find him a job until yesterday when he discovered as his application is being processed; the brother-in-law always delays the whole process unnecessarily and ultimately find a “more suitable” candidate than him. The lesson here is; “Not everyone who claims to help you is actually helping you”.

It is said that people always achieve more when in groups, or quite the opposite in my opinion. I strongly believe association brings similarity, so being around unmotivated people will ultimately demotivate you as well. The only way to achieve a goal is to visualize if first, so be around people that share your vision. The lesson here is; “The bigger the dream, the fewer people are able to visualize”, so choose wisely.



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