Me And My Girlfriend

Today a friend told me my relationship inspires him, and that one day he hopes to get a girl just like mine.

Relationships are a privilege, they are sacred. They are a bond between two complete strangers, strong enough to make them feel like they’ve known each other forever and build such comfort that together they do the undoable, and feel the unimaginable.

Fellas, we often look at what annoys us about our girlfriends, how easily they get mad, provocativeness, how untrusting they can be and their need to always nag about every single thing every single time. We overlook that a girlfriend that nags really cares, and she is literally saying; “your attention is so valued to me that I can’t bear being deprived of it”, “I want you to always notice me”, “and you’re so special that any woman would be so lucky to have you in their lives”. This is for all the women who still see value in their man even when the whole world doesn’t, and help him bring it out for everyone to see as well.

You know it’s real when you can chat with someone the whole day, hang out with them any chance you get, and never tire of their company at all. Feel comfortable enough to talk about anything, tell tales, jokes, and everything else in between that the best news ever do not feel so best until you share them with her first, and the bad news feel like the end of the world until you tell them to her, as soon as she starts to giggle and suddenly turn the whole thing into just a meaningless joke you realize things aren’t that bad as they seem.

Hello baby, I love you so much.



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