The Forbidden Fruit

It had been almost a year now since they have been “seeing” each other, but still the word “couple” was too farfetched for them, well he was “seeing” her, but sadly, she hardly noticed him back. To him she was the one, but to her he was just [another] one.

She lured him with seduction, and when he was in too deep she told me she already had a husband, but didn’t little bit of play. She added that her ex-play had to be let go because he had started to want more, and she couldn’t offer “more” because it were only reserved for Hubby, who was then more man than the I-want-more ex-play(er), he thought.

Finally he took the bait, of course he would have, he had never seen such beauty, he thought highly of her, and didn’t know play referred to his feelings.

She loved being pampered, being cared for, loved and appreciated, but had no plans to share with him thee one thing he had wanted most, the forbidden fruit. He had agreed to play because he thought play(ing) meant “playing with it”, but instead he became her [second] hubby in every possible way except for one he really yearned for the most, the forbidden fruit. They talked, laughed and play-ed, but just not the game he had signed up for. He, at that time, was vulnerably bare naked, and she on the other hand was still fully clothed as the first day they met, so what was underneath her blouse remained covered by her deceitful smile.

He only longed for her, with his Willy shrunk as his ego. And then his phone rang, they had planned to meet later on that day and he had planned to tell her that she had better give him “some”, or he’d leave her for “some”-one else. He was now ready to walk, he had been for a while now, but the thought of all the money and time he had spent on her made him decide although flesh wouldn’t compensate him, but it would surely console him, so he had stayed one more day, after one more day.
He rushed to the phone, it was a private number, he picked up, and before he could say anything, her seductively soft voice just said;
“I’m pregnant with his child, and I’m sorry to have wasted so much of your time”.



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