“Back In My Day”

“The most common mistake you youngsters make is thinking that to be urban, one needs to abandon their African ways of life”, he said, he was old, grey, wise, and so content. His eyes had seen a million lifetimes, his bare feet had traveled the whole world, his heartbeat was African, the apartheid era, the one before that and even this one, and he had truly seen it all.

He went on, “For one to know where they are going, they must first know where they are coming from. Know yourself, know who you came from. Being ashamed of your kind doesn’t make you any better than the rest and being different isn’t always being better. Understand the true capacity of the things we do, and their truest intensity. Understand the implication of the African culture, the role it plays, how it defines and enriches us simultaneously. The role of technology is just to improve the quality of our lives and not to change it entirely”.

A young couple passed by, holding hands and kissing. He smiled showing his missing teeth shamelessly, and added “You often look at TV and try to imitate what you see, fail and then claim love doesn’t exist. Know this, no two people are alike, no two people love alike, and as a result, no two relationships are alike either. Learn to appreciate yours for what it is, and not for how it compliments JayZ and Beyoncé. Every relationship has its own challenges, so never wish for your neighbor’s, for you do not know the baggage it comes with it”.

I looked at him, in an instant I looked up to him, he had so much to offer, and so much that I wished he’d teach me all. I said desperately, “You know so much, and how I wish you’d teach me all, but then again, I wish for so much”. He replied, “To Know it all is to know you will never know it all”.


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