Losing Myself

I was never really looking,
But I still found you, or you found me,
Then found I had already found someone else before you,
But, you were still very fond of me,
I was fond too

But, as I had already found someone, some-one,
Who was really not the one, but the first one to find me
So do I make you my other one?
After “some-one” who within carries another one
Who, in about nine months, will be my first little one
And so in the end, you, still will never be my only one,
My number one
Although you’re one of a kind

I need to lose you,
I need to choose not to choose you
I need to choose the little life, and its reason to breathe
Although ultimately I’ll only prove that love is, but a myth

I need to lose you,
But, losing you means losing myself,
So losing you means losing the both of us
For a life I might be dead to,
Because I died with you, for you,
lost myself, and died in you.


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