Kendrick Lamar and Tupac Shakur

I remember you was conflicted
Misusing your influence
Sometimes I did the same
Abusing my power, full of resentment
Resentment that turned into a deep depression
Found myself screaming in the hotel room
I didn’t wanna self destruct
The evils of Lucy was all around me
So I went running for answers
Until I came home
But that didn’t stop survivor’s guilt
Going back and forth trying to convince myself the stripes I earned
Or maybe how A-1 my foundation was
But while my loved ones was fighting the continuous war back in the city, I was entering a new one
A war that was based on apartheid and discrimination
Made me wanna go back to the city and tell the homies what I learned
The word was respect
Just because you wore a different gang colour than mines
Doesn’t mean I can’t respect you as a black man
Forgetting all the pain and hurt we caused each other in these streets
If I respect you, we unify and stop the enemy from killing us
But I don’t know, I’m no mortal man, maybe I’m just another nigga.




When the course is just,
A war is a must,
It is fought with trust
Amongst us.

The war within one’s self is most destructive,
Vindictive, implosive,
And ironically, most explosive.

Wars are fought for generations solders will never even see,
For a greater course, a place in history,
For preservation.

Saving your own skin
By denying your own skin,
Your people, your destiny, your roots,
Even your own survival,
Solders that march with helmets and boots
March for your skin,
As they get skinned alive,
How do you live in your own skin?

Freedom, is only freedom when it is really free.
No man can truly be free when his brothers are really not free.

Freedom, is only freedom when it is really free,
Really free, really free,
Internally, externally, eternally, reflecting, freely,
The shining glimpse of hope,
Unity, liberation.

Preservation, real preservation,
One man’s preservation is really no preservation,
As his soul is chained,
Enslaved by guilt.

Preservation, skin preservation, race preservation,
Embraces your skin,
Your people, your destiny, your roots,
A nation’s survival,
Solders that march with helmets and boots,
March for one skin,
And as they get skinned alive,
The preserved ones live through their skins.

Preservation, real preservation.