Does Being A Pervert Make Me Such A Bad Person?

SEX, SEX, and more SEX= My average thoughts on an average day.
I’m not really certain if I should really write this one, but since I’ve went as far as putting my laptop on my lap I might as well. Welcome to forth base.

A woman breastfed next to me the other day, I couldn’t help but stare at her “titties”, so much that she had to stop and I felt so horrible as the baby started crying, the little man must have been not full. This other time I worked as a security guard, and this man and his wife had just purchased underwear for the Mrs., and as they walked out my alarm beeped and I had to search for tags still stuck in their packaged, and as I opened it my eyes glowed like a boy with a new toy, and the husband whispered in my ear; “Merry Christmas son”.


Does it all make me a bad person? Yes I sniff panties, masturbate, and randomly stare at strange women and fantasize about having sex with them.
My granny would be so ashamed of me, she raised me by the ways of Christianity and I know that fantasizing about adultery is a sin as actually committing it, but the last time I went to church I got an erection in the Lord’s house as I sat behind a lady with a booty so big that I could see the panties line underneath her long skirt, but then again I always have been so “vigilant”, hallelujah.

That was back in 2005 or 6, I’m a grown man now but I still have hormones of a 16 year old boy, and they embarrass me every day.
I often feel like Don Jon, my relationships often include me, girlfriend, dirty Facebook and twitter pages, pornhub and Vaseline, so my righted hand still aches as it did back in high school.


Does this entire make me a bad person, or just a shallow one?

I still read, write, treat other people well, pray to God (although I no longer go to church), and pay my taxes, but, I’d still sleep with the 1st lady that might walk through that door.

Does that make me such a bad person?



My Christmas Prayer

It almost feels like this is one day people work towards the whole year. The Holiday season always brings out the best in everyone. Where I am from it is summer this time of the year, so the music is a bit louder than usual, the dresses are lighter, the skirts are shorter and everybody is just generally happier than usual.

To all the happy people, you deserve it. You work all year long, put up with office politics, take crappy attitudes from your bosses that you feel so demotivated to even go to work the next day, but yet you still wake up, fix your kids’ lunches, prepare and take them to school and then head on to the office because you don’t really have a choice, you have got responsibilities.

This is the only time it is okay to forget about your problems, you are free from all those school trips your kids constantly take that cost too much, you are free of being stuck in traffic for almost 3 hours every day and exchanging insulting with other drivers, and you are also free from the she-said-what story of your office life and how your boss is always hard on you for slacking, whilst you do all the work and your co-workers just pitch up last minute and take all the credit.

It is a reward to wake up at 10:30am almost every day, don’t feel guilty about anything my dear friend, you have been waking up at 3:30am for the past 11 months and nobody said nothing then. You have earned just sitting around and lazing all day, you have been working all year long to afford to have food in your fridge come festive, so yes you can eat anything that you want, because it’s all yours. You can just hang out with your friends every day, from putting up with the who says what business at the office for 11 months; you have earned the right to talk about your kids all day long, your wife/husband even your car, why not? After all the talks about sales, projections and strategies, you’ve earned it.

I am asking for a simple favor though, I am asking you to be a bit considerate of other people during this festive season. Remember everyone deserves to be happy this time around, even those who cannot do for themselves. Remember that as you deal with your office politics, some people do not even have that office to present them with gossip. Even worse, some people do not even have jobs. Whilst you spend 3 hours on traffic, some people walk for 3 hours or more to do gardening in some fancy house there’ll never live in, earn a plate of food and a couple of cents that won’t even be able to cover that evening’s supper, they consider it a fortune to have enough to take a taxi back home.

Think about them in this wonderful season, remember them. Pray for them, pray for their happiness as well. Living the life you want to live be always because of two things, hard work and God’s will, so show gratitude. Use what you see in others to inspire gratitude in what you see in yourself, and also never disregard those that need your help. Having the privilege to put a smile on someone’s face is a blessing, embrace it, and bless them for God has blessed you to bless them.

And until then, have the most amazing Christmas they has been, and for what is left of the Holiday season anyway.

MERRY XMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!