No Excuses



Failure: My Best Teacher

I do not believe in mistakes and accidents, everything is how it was meant to be. Everything is for a specific reason, to serve a certain purpose, so learn what it means to teach you, for moaning it only result in relentless repetition in an attempt to get the lesson through, and so a bad moment can easily turn to a bad day, a bad week, a bad month, a bad year, and ultimately, a bad life.

I have just failed a job interview, not just anywhere but in Sandton (I always have been crazy about Sandton), in a marketing agency (although initially I had wanted PR but marketing was close enough) and I just couldn’t handle the loss, I wanted to self-destruct, and quit my retail job, head to Sandton to look for every and any PR agency I might find and hand in my CV in person.


After a couple of moments my right mind came back, and I realized I cannot just up and leave at a heated moment, destroy what I have because of what I have failed to get, that is failing twice, failing my future self simultaneously with my present one. Don’t get me wrong, I still think dropping CVs off in person is a good idea, but how I’m thinking of going about it isn’t, lack of preparedness always amount to failure. I should do research, be well informed about agencies I plan to approach as opposite to just googling their names and addresses.
Yes, failure does sting hard, but failing to accept failure is failure in its nature. Take it in, take a deep breath, get back up, and try again.

I have always chased happiness, but never have found it; maybe I’ve been sitting on it all along. I had seriously thought happiness is finding my dream job, dream car, house, girl, etc. but I was wrong, happiness is just a positive attitude. I can be happy today, with the right attitude of course. If I am happy it doesn’t always mean that I’m happy with where my life is, it just means that I am happy I woke up, healthy at that, I’m surrounded by love and I’ve had something to eat today, and then I need to apply that very same attitude towards changing my circumstances.

Failure humbles us, they say. Failure is meant to teach us something, never fail to win and then again fail to learn what a loss is meant to tech you.


Meditation For Beginners

Lately I am really learning the importance of meditation, whether to achieve a specific goal or just being in tune with thyself. But, equally important, is how you do it. Meditating inappropriately is equivalent to no mediation at all. It is not just about closing your eyes and maintaining a specific body position for a certain timeframe, but also about what you get from it. I’ve recently watched this documentary titled Spirit Science, and I discovered these few but very useful tips of meditating, and so I decided to share them with everyone.

1. Comfortable clothing- Wear comfortable clothes, it is impossible for the mind to be relaxed when the body isn’t.
2. Focus on body parts individually being relaxed- The exercise here is to relax all your body parts, every single one of them.
3. Count in your head from 100 to 0, slowly- Free your mind of everything else, and only focus on the numbers you’re counting. And also remember that this is not a race, so do this at your most comfortable pace.
4. Ignore stray thoughts- Your electricity bill, unfinished assignments, appointments and even your kids do not exist at this point, all your attention should only be on what you’re doing.
5. Count from 30 to 0 again- This time only count from 30 to 0, still as slowly as you possibly can.
6. Sit in the aura of silence you’ve created- By this time there should only be total silence. So dwell in it, live in it and embrace it fully.
7. Don’t expect an experience, but allow whatever happens to happen- Be as open mind as you possibly can be. Anticipate nothing, and just let what will be, be.

Happy Meditation dear friends!!

(Source: Spirit Science)

I Just Wanna Be Rich

I once heard someone saying “If I never get rich, I have no idea what I’ll do with my life”, and I just thought to myself “Neither would I”.

I desperately want to be rich. I dream like a child, with no limitations, no calculations, no “common sense” whatsoever, and I just want what I want. I want money, lots of it, the finest cars, suits, shoes from Italy, and the best fragrances money can buy. Am I asking for too much?

I am not even that educated, nor overflowing with business ideas, if anything, I seriously suck at business. But all of that will not stop me from getting what I want, nothing will.

I just want everything I’ve never had, a house on the hills for all times I had nowhere to live, the finest cars for all the times I’ve walked, Singapore lobster for all the times I slept hungry, Tom Ford and Versace for all the times I looked like a 70’s pornstar at church, hallelujah, and a girl like Marylyn Monroe for all the nights I slept alone.

I’ve been told “it’s lonely at the top”. Well, guess what, I’ve been lonely at the bottom as well.

One day I will sit on my expensive leather couch, sip on the finest champagne in nothing but my silk underwear, read a book by Gayton McKenzie, remember this day and thank my self for my foolish determination, for if I had been any smarter, I would have figured it’s all impossible at some point and gave in.