Guess Who’s Back???

It has been a long time since I last posted a blog article, and I am ashamed of myself.
You see, I had made a commitment to myself that I will post about two articles on WordPress every single week, and months have gone by since I have even shared a quote, and it’s a damn shame, because a man is only as good as his word.

Yes I have failed to keep my word, but please hear my plea, because I believe I really have some valid reasons for my “incompetence”.
First of all, things ain’t always that black and white, and your whole life can be turned upside down in just a moment. The last thing I remember is me writing my book peacefully and hoping to publish it soon and buy a stroller for my baby, and then the next moment I had no baby, or book, money, friends and not even a place to stay, and all that in just a blink of an eye.

I then took a job at retail trying to pick up the pieces, and before I knew it, I had went from selling expensive ladies perfumes and underwear to packing tin fish at Walmart and feeling like a damn idiot, and thinking to myself, “at least at my first job I interacted with beautiful ladies”.

I’m a very passionate author, so as much as I know how much of a waste it is for me to be pushing trolleys, packing tills and stock whilst I could have been just writing, I also know I just have to do it, it’s either that or go homeless boy.
And I cross my typist fingers that soon enough someone will spot my potential as I’m standing shamefully behind a trolley. Amen.

And I promise to check in on WordPress whenever I get a chance.

God bless you all.



About Ubuntu

When I joined WordPress I never introduced myself properly, my apologies, I’d like to rectify my mistake, hopefully it’s not too late.

Ubuntu is my legacy. Most artists’ earlier work is never discovered, and I’d be dammed if the same happened to mine, so I’ve decided to store my stories, articles and poetry here, to make it easier for future literature scholars to discover them some day, and share them with a larger audience hopefully.

I have struggled a lot, from my parents leaving me to be raised by grandparents who never truly wanted to, as I struggle with sharing a sense of belonging to this very day. To living with my dad and stepmom, daddy was an alcoholic so he never truly was around and stepmom drew a line so vivid between “step” and “mom” that even a blind person could see it. Needless to say it didn’t work out in the end, so my aunt took me in, but reminded me every single day that nobody else wanted me, manipulated my gratitude and expected to be sung praises to like she was in fact God, The Book Of Yeezus. Mom only returned around my 10th grade, she and dad had reconciled by then, but he was then unemployed due to his alcoholism which significantly consumed him, so he was a nightmare to live with, not only were we that poor, but we were also abused, so picture being kicked in your “empty” stomach for no bloody reason at all.

Long story short, it is indeed a miracle to be sitting behind a computer screen and writing articles instead of being in a grave, or facing time in a maximum security prison. The day I had to grace prison, the victim dropped all charges. He gave us a second chance, as God did in countless instances that my crew “collided” with other crews and we came back in one piece. And God gave me a second chance, when he ensured my absence the day my close friend stabbed a man to death and was sentenced 25 to life.

My greatest tales are my greatest shames. No one has ever truly understood me, my high school teachers told me I had no potential to be anything at all, fellow students constantly mocked me and ostracized me, that loneliness has stuck with me to this very day, so much that in tertiary I only said about 10 words in a 3-year whole course, and in every job I’ve ever had I’d just read my book peacefully during lunch breaks that eventually co-workers would get me fired.

I’m currently unemployed, so this blog is to keep busy, make new friends and prevent insanity. I will tell you a lot about myself, assume a lot about you and the world around us, if you have so much time to yourself as I do, you happen to become very “creative”, trust me. Hopefully someone out there will relate, even it’s just one person, I will have fulfilled my duty.

I dream big, too big, and I want everyone with dreams as big as mine to know that they are not crazy, and to not let non-dreamers discourage them anyhow, even if it’s your best friend, lover or even your mama, they can’t tell you what you can or cannot be, the world is your oyster.

And to my dad, Rest in Peace Cowboy, we have forgiven you, forgive yourself as well. To my late son, daddy loves you so much, and he would have climbed mountains and swum with sharks just so you could have one good ass life, Rest in Peace young solder.

And to the rest of the world, I appreciated you reading this to these very last words, and hopefully it’s not the last time.

Thank you so much, and my apologies again for not doing this sooner.


Like Father, Like Son

Every fiber in my being,
My flesh, my soul, my everything
Everything, my everything.

Death is greedy,
Selfish, ruthless, heartless

You died once,
I died every single night I dreamed of you, my son
With every though of darkness you faded with, my sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves,
Mama’s womb couldn’t conceive you,
Though her heart could,
Her heart, beat oceans every single night she drowned,
You drowned once,
Mama drowned every single night in the ocean of her pillows, her son
Upon discovering at dawn, there was no more sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves, my son
My reason to be, my sun
My sunlight, my reason to be
As soon as the sunset, I had no reason to be,
But bleed, internally, something not even surgeons could see.

Alone in this dark world,
Childless parent,
Heartless fate,
Worthless faith
All in vein, as the cold blood in my veins
And relentless pain.

He died once, I died eternally,
As the batted women who bled every single night internally,
As her womb that couldn’t bare the soul her heart could,
As the soul lacked tenacity to defy remorseless medical gloves,
And hold on to dear mama,
With love.

Count Your Blessings

2015 has been the worst year of my life so far, tribulation after tribulation, lost my job, home, friends and most recently, my unborn baby. In the last three months I have suffered a great deal of pain.
But, because of it all, I have learned survival. “Getting up” matters the most when you’re really going down and a smile is most meaningful when tears seem most sensible.
Count your blessings, especially when there seem to be not any, because believe it or not, that is when they matter the most.

I have a lot to be grateful for, these are not even half but I decided they are a good place to start, right? Let’s go. I am grateful for:
1. Waking up this morning- As long as you’re still blessed with yet another day, you can still turn your life around, trust me.
2. My satisfactory physical and mental health- My eyes that read this, hands that typed it, the brain that conceptualized it and the body that never tires of mobilizing me.
3. The country of my birth- A lot of us take this one for granted (with the exception of Americans of course), being born in certain countries provides certain privileges, so thank you South Africa.
4. Food in my stomach- If you’ve eaten something today, no matter how small it might have been, you’re far blessed than someone who has had nothing at all.
5. The family around me- Even when they’re not family by blood, people around us that genuinely care always make it all worth it.

I could go on forever, there’s just so much to be grateful for. Irrespective of your circumstances, there is always a reason to smile.