HIV/AIDS Does Not Kill People, Society Does

A very strong, beautiful and humble lady has recently tested positive to HIV, she disclosed her status to her family, coincidently her father passed on shortly after that, and then the family blamed the father’s death on her “disturbing news”, she is currently being rejected, judged and called names such as “cold-blooded murder” by her own family.

I also have an aunt who passed on as a result of this virus. She didn’t disclose her status to no one nor go to the clinic for her Meds, and as a result she died a very slow and painful death at a very young age, leaving behind an infected daughter as well. The daughter’s condition is never really discussed, it is referred to as a “thing” and when she had to be taken in by one family member after her mom’s funeral she were tossed around like a play ball and one aunt refused the “responsibility” because she felt “this girl” would also infect her children with this “thing” as well.

HIV/AIDS has been around for way too long that at this point we should be well-informed on how to deal with our infected friends and relatives. The stigma associated with this disease is indescribable, for instance, Ebola is more contagious than HIV, but people still look at HIV/AIDS as the worst thing to ever happen to mankind. We associate people’s HIV statuses with their lifestyle choices; we forget that this is not only about your sexual partner but their sexual partners and their sexual partners’ partners as well, so on and so on. Using a condom decreases your chances of contracting the disease sexually, you have not completely eliminated them nor the other ways it can be contracted as well. It has been repeated tirelessly that HIV/AIDS is not a death sentence, but some people are still uncertain, and they overlook all HIV positive people that testify every day of their long and healthy lives, and will die when they do not of the disease but because of inevitability as death’s true nature to all of us. Some families go as far as giving their infected members their own rooms, own blankets, dishes, cups and even spoons to avoid any contact of any sort with them, for they believe even a handshake with them puts one at risk of contracting the disease.

Many people live long and healthy lives after being diagnosed, most even outlive MacGyver(s) that have never even heard of influenza. Being HIV positive doesn’t automatically mean that you have multiple sexual partners, I know a lady who was a virgin when she met her boyfriend, they only slept once and she was infected and pregnant, so in her case all it took was to be “carried away” once, just once. It is also not a stupid peoples’ disease, a top university law graduate was once diagnosed, and unfortunately like my aunt he passed on because he was also too “proud” to go to the clinic and for everyone to see him fetch his Meds.

AIDS does not kill people, society does. We ostracize, judge and insult, we destroy people mentally by destroying their will to live. Doing such is no different from literally killing a man; you might as well have in fact. Our fellow friends do not need that much from us, the doctors, nurses, counselors and support groups cover it all, and all is left for us is just to continue treating them the same way we always have, and to continue providing the friendly environment they have always loved and enjoyed, and yes, even after discovering their status,
is that too much to ask for?