To The Independent Ladies

There is nothing more attractive than a woman who doesn’t really need you, for some strange reason her non-neediness becomes part of her charm, as long as she doesn’t overdo it.
Make me feel like you can survive without me, but don’t actually do it.

Personally, when I like someone I obsess, I will want to know where they are all the time, what are they up to, with whom, and I spend most of my lonesome moments worrying if they’re also thinking about me, if they find me as attractive as I find them, the uncertainty really tortures me but I guess it’s all part of the charm, right?

I understand that some ladies just do not want to seem easy and be taken advantage of, but damn it girl, please wink at me every once in a while so I know I actually do stand a chance.

And finally, to the “independent” ladies, maybe you’ve witnessed your mama being taken advantage of by daddy because she relied on him just a little “too much”, or your baby’s father left you pregnant, please know this; as much as I’m attracted by how you’re able to take care of yourself but I also want to take care of you, I am not your dad nor your baby father but I’m Ubuntu, and I would like to ask you out for drink sometime.
Do I really stand a chance?


Guess Who’s Back???

It has been a long time since I last posted a blog article, and I am ashamed of myself.
You see, I had made a commitment to myself that I will post about two articles on WordPress every single week, and months have gone by since I have even shared a quote, and it’s a damn shame, because a man is only as good as his word.

Yes I have failed to keep my word, but please hear my plea, because I believe I really have some valid reasons for my “incompetence”.
First of all, things ain’t always that black and white, and your whole life can be turned upside down in just a moment. The last thing I remember is me writing my book peacefully and hoping to publish it soon and buy a stroller for my baby, and then the next moment I had no baby, or book, money, friends and not even a place to stay, and all that in just a blink of an eye.

I then took a job at retail trying to pick up the pieces, and before I knew it, I had went from selling expensive ladies perfumes and underwear to packing tin fish at Walmart and feeling like a damn idiot, and thinking to myself, “at least at my first job I interacted with beautiful ladies”.

I’m a very passionate author, so as much as I know how much of a waste it is for me to be pushing trolleys, packing tills and stock whilst I could have been just writing, I also know I just have to do it, it’s either that or go homeless boy.
And I cross my typist fingers that soon enough someone will spot my potential as I’m standing shamefully behind a trolley. Amen.

And I promise to check in on WordPress whenever I get a chance.

God bless you all.


Conversations with Lucy #02

ME: So, can anyone really tell one what to do?
LUCY: Yes, only if they allow them to.
ME: (confused) But, how?
LUCY: (smiling) We allow everything that happens to us, no matter how unfortunate it may be, once you give signals that it is okay to tell you what to do, every other new person that comes into your life will at some point attempt to control you in one way or another.
ME: (sighs)………………. (thinks for a moment) So……….. (hesitantly) what is the right thing to do?
LUCY: I don’t know (spreads arms), you tell me.
ME: (Irritated) What is that supposed to mean?
LUCY: Its means no one can really know what’s right for you but you. We are all different, so are our circumstances, ideas and ultimately, our way of thinking. With that said, we can’t really share identical views on these things.
ME: So how do I know those of my own?
LUCY: Really now? Look within yourself Mr., everything lies there. Tell you what, the ideas of your friends, parents, even your preacher’s are not always right for you, go with what your instincts tell you to do, your intuition is your guardian angel my friend. Do what is right for you, and not what you think will be “viewed” (air quotations) as right by your peers.
Me: (more confused than ever) You know what, today I’m really not getting you. You know, I was thinking that………………..


Conversations With Lucy #01

“When a student is ready the teacher shall appear” and “Everything happens for a reason” repeated simultaneously on my mind. I kept thinking that one must embrace his fate with no questions asked, for the answers often lie on the expedition.

As I sat on a chair opposite an devastatingly attractive white lady in her mid-20s, with a super model body, beautiful breasts, slim waist and thighs to die for, if I was not dead already. I avoided all eye contact because her face terrified me, plain of emotions but still very beautiful, with its tone, cheek bones, succulent lips and big bright eyes that took on every color and shape of every creature on earth simultaneously. She was everything and nothing, all at once. I wondered if she could feel my heartbeat, sense my fears, or read my thoughts. But then again thought “it’s impossible to read one’s……

LUCY: (smiling) Yes, I can read your thoughts.
ME: (shocked) but that’s impossible.
LUCY: So what is possible then?
ME: I don’t know, it’s all that’s realistic man.
LUCY: So, again, what is realistic?
ME: (spreads arms in confusion) I don’t know, you know, anything that real people do.
LUCY: Mr. Ubuntu, I could ask you who are these real people and what is it that they do, but my efforts would only be futile.
ME: So in other words I’d give you a wrong answer?
LUCY: (looks straight at Ubuntu’s eyes) Mister, just because an answer isn’t exactly what one might have liked to hear doesn’t necessarily make it wrong, as much as you believing that you’re not capable of certain things, you don’t make them impossible.
ME: So who does?
LUCY: No one.
ME: (hesitantly) not even God?
LUCY: (smiling) especially not God.
ME: (almost like talking to himself) But doesn’t God separate the possible from the impossible?
LUCY: No, He doesn’t, nothing does. God said be all you can be, and so what you are now is a reflection of how you, and only you, perceive your own self. Your limitations are of your own doing, and not God’s.
ME: (teasingly) so if I wanted to fly, would I be able to?
LUCY: I don’t know Mr. Ubuntu, would you?
ME: (disappointed) But I thought you had said I can be anything I want to be about a second ago.
LUCY: I cannot tell you what you can or cannot be, that power’s within you. Even if I genuinely believed you could fly, you’d still never be able to unless you believed it too.
ME: (irritated) Can I fly or not Miss Lucy?
LUCY: (firmly) you don’t get really my point Mr. Ubuntu. I’m saying, no one can tell you what you can or cannot be, not even me.
ME: (even more confused now) But I thought…………..