Tony Montana’s Dreams

My grandma used to say; “there are no shortcut to success, and if you find one, expect a shortcoming in the end”.
“Hustlers”, often justify; “God helps those who help themselves”. This statement is deliberately misinterpreted to justify selfish deeds, it must have initially meant something like ‘he who applies gets the job in the end’, and not ‘when a cashier accidentally gives you more change than due, keep it, for God’s looking out for you’.

A former SAA head of security retired young, bought taxis, five other cars and a home for his family in the suburbs. Was his retirement package really that much? Nope, instead he was rumored to have been assisting foreign country men to smuggle drugs into South Africa during his time in the national flight agency, and resigned before getting busted. He had truly cheated karma, but, this morning he was brutally murdered by two gunmen dressed as traffic police officers, they pulled his Mercedes Benz C63 AMG over, opened fire, and he died on the scene.

He had got away with allowing drugs into his country, corruption in the work place, blood money, and the lives of young women abducted each day to smuggle with. He overlooked the pain of parents whose kids use the stuff, the goods they steal home, girls who prostitute themselves, grownups who sell their clothes, cars, even homes for their next “fix’.

It really doesn’t matter how little your sin is, but ultimately you pay for it. What you hide from us is not hidden from She, so that Bitch Karma will eventually catch up to you.

Nothing justifies taking from another man, nothing at all.

In a night full of stars he looked up, it read; “The world is yours”. The feeling instantly filled him with such pride, from just another refugee to living the America dream; Cuban cigars, finest women and cars with luxurious leather interior, “Sweet Jesus, one has truly made it America”. But, in the end as he laid cold on his mansion’s swimming pool, in a pool of his own blood he must had some sort of flashback, a moment to himself to realized the world was really not his, had it been, it wouldn’t have swallowed him this easy. Tony Montana.