Don’t Rush To Get Grown

This old lady said to me;
“Ubuntu, you seem like a really nice kid, but it worries me how you juggle up everything at once, and you dream like an idiot, and strive for success, equally idiotically. Please slow down my son, allow fate to take its course, live in the moment and enjoy life for the beauty it truly is”.
She smiled, touched me, and said; “Don’t rush to get grown”.

I was silent for a moment, my past flashed back to me, the crimes, drugs, guns, women and everything else, and more recently, my deceased babies, and my late father. I then thought of my family, how much they needed me, relied on me and so I figured there really is no slowing down for me, given the stakes.

Finally I replied, “What if it’s already too late?”
She smiled, shook her head and then said, “It’s never too late my son, ever”.