Meditation For Beginners

Lately I am really learning the importance of meditation, whether to achieve a specific goal or just being in tune with thyself. But, equally important, is how you do it. Meditating inappropriately is equivalent to no mediation at all. It is not just about closing your eyes and maintaining a specific body position for a certain timeframe, but also about what you get from it. I’ve recently watched this documentary titled Spirit Science, and I discovered these few but very useful tips of meditating, and so I decided to share them with everyone.

1. Comfortable clothing- Wear comfortable clothes, it is impossible for the mind to be relaxed when the body isn’t.
2. Focus on body parts individually being relaxed- The exercise here is to relax all your body parts, every single one of them.
3. Count in your head from 100 to 0, slowly- Free your mind of everything else, and only focus on the numbers you’re counting. And also remember that this is not a race, so do this at your most comfortable pace.
4. Ignore stray thoughts- Your electricity bill, unfinished assignments, appointments and even your kids do not exist at this point, all your attention should only be on what you’re doing.
5. Count from 30 to 0 again- This time only count from 30 to 0, still as slowly as you possibly can.
6. Sit in the aura of silence you’ve created- By this time there should only be total silence. So dwell in it, live in it and embrace it fully.
7. Don’t expect an experience, but allow whatever happens to happen- Be as open mind as you possibly can be. Anticipate nothing, and just let what will be, be.

Happy Meditation dear friends!!

(Source: Spirit Science)