Like Father, Like Son

Every fiber in my being,
My flesh, my soul, my everything
Everything, my everything.

Death is greedy,
Selfish, ruthless, heartless

You died once,
I died every single night I dreamed of you, my son
With every though of darkness you faded with, my sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves,
Mama’s womb couldn’t conceive you,
Though her heart could,
Her heart, beat oceans every single night she drowned,
You drowned once,
Mama drowned every single night in the ocean of her pillows, her son
Upon discovering at dawn, there was no more sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves, my son
My reason to be, my sun
My sunlight, my reason to be
As soon as the sunset, I had no reason to be,
But bleed, internally, something not even surgeons could see.

Alone in this dark world,
Childless parent,
Heartless fate,
Worthless faith
All in vein, as the cold blood in my veins
And relentless pain.

He died once, I died eternally,
As the batted women who bled every single night internally,
As her womb that couldn’t bare the soul her heart could,
As the soul lacked tenacity to defy remorseless medical gloves,
And hold on to dear mama,
With love.