There Are No Shortcuts In Life (a shoplifter’s story)

Today I witnessed a young lady (probably in her early 20s) being caught red-handed shoplifting, and was arrested on the spot. When she was kept in the store’s “naughty corner” awaiting the police, customers gave her judgmental looks and the staff passed very hurtful comments.

Just the other day I had looked at all the security measures retail shops take these days, from clothes tags, surveillance cameras, guards by the door and much more, and wondered how much these cost to set up and maintain, but figured far lesser than being prone to shoplifting.

In that compromised position she was a criminal, so the society had every right to look at her like one. The shop staff that smile each day and sell clothes they can’t even afford themselves felt almost cheated by her, mocked almost and taken for fools because if she thought they were any smarter, she would have figured they’d catch her.1320985

She was committed enough to almost find a way to get away with such a crime at such a sophisticated store, she must be very smart, only if she had directed her smartness at a different angle. Shoplifting is a crime, and even the justice system treat it as such, so grabbing a pair of Luella boots results in a criminal record as same as hijacking.

I just wonder why she did it, it wasn’t poverty because she wasn’t bare-footed. Maybe she and her girls were going to a party, and her crush was going to be there as well and so she really wanted to make a statement, her parents told her they can’t afford a new pair of shoes at the moment and so she opted to “plan B”, and now that she’s all alone in a prison cell she’s thinking was it really worth it? My friends, will they even come see me? And as for him, does he even know all the trouble I went through for him? Does he even care? And my parents, what will they say when they hear I’ve been arrested for shoplifting? What will I say to them? How will I even look at them?

The lesson here is; “there are no shortcuts in life”. There is nothing wrong with wanting the finer things in life, but you have to be willing to work for them. Actions have consequences, so be very careful of what you say or do because in the end it will come back to you in the very same way you had intended it for the next person.



Like Father, Like Son

Every fiber in my being,
My flesh, my soul, my everything
Everything, my everything.

Death is greedy,
Selfish, ruthless, heartless

You died once,
I died every single night I dreamed of you, my son
With every though of darkness you faded with, my sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves,
Mama’s womb couldn’t conceive you,
Though her heart could,
Her heart, beat oceans every single night she drowned,
You drowned once,
Mama drowned every single night in the ocean of her pillows, her son
Upon discovering at dawn, there was no more sun.

Extraction by surgical gloves, my son
My reason to be, my sun
My sunlight, my reason to be
As soon as the sunset, I had no reason to be,
But bleed, internally, something not even surgeons could see.

Alone in this dark world,
Childless parent,
Heartless fate,
Worthless faith
All in vein, as the cold blood in my veins
And relentless pain.

He died once, I died eternally,
As the batted women who bled every single night internally,
As her womb that couldn’t bare the soul her heart could,
As the soul lacked tenacity to defy remorseless medical gloves,
And hold on to dear mama,
With love.

A Letter To My Daughter

Dear Princess

First things first, I just want you to know that I love you and your mother so much that I decided to tell you this short story of me and her;
When we started dating she was still in school, I was also a young man myself and so I made a stupid mistake to ask her to let me have a second girlfriend (had already spotted one), she agreed to it given we break up, and so we did, but in less than four days I was already crawling back to her and begging to be taken back, luckily she did. From that day I respected her so much for she had shown me that she knew exactly what she wanted in a man, and was not willing to settle for anything lesser than that.

Everyone is just looking for love, whether they show it or not, but they’re all desperately yearning for some affection. The most quite kid in class wants the same attention as the loudest one, they just differ in their means to get it; whilst the loud one hopes to get noticed for his “visibility”, the quite one hopes to get noticed for his invisibility. A preacher wants the same attention as a thug, a nun as a prostitute, a Ballard dancer as a stripper, and even God as the devil.

This might sound too cliché, but the only way to get loved by other people is to first love yourself. Think about it, if you fail to see something worth loving in your own self, what makes you think others will see it first? They will only treat you as you treat yourself. Value yourself, be special just the way you are, and never change for no one, for everyone worth being in your life will love and appreciate you just the way you are.

Look in the mirror and say; “boys are not my God’, and repeat it as many times as necessary. It really doesn’t matter how many other girls might want him too, if he only wears Versace clothes and looks like Justin Timberlake, he is still not your God, never worship him. Give him the real you, never sell yourself short because you’re beautiful just the way you are. Still on the subject of boys; Sex is not love. That is, just because he wants to have sex with you, doesn’t necessarily mean that he loves you, and sadly, if he didn’t love you with your clothes on, he still probably won’t with them off either.

Have standards, have class, and never settle for anything lesser than you’re worth. Never demand in others what you cannot get in yourself; never ask for a rich husband without firstly being a rich wife yourself, and before asking for a good man, be a good woman first. Be the prototype of what you’d like to see in the world [in your world].

Being beautiful is not being naked; keep your clothes on baby. Forget what fashion magazines say; no half torn leggings, red lipsticks, pushup bras, and all the make-up in the world can make you beautiful as your character can, beauty is far deeper than just mere physical looks. What’s inside of you, how you think, talk and act is what really matters, and not just a Beyoncé look. Do not just look beautiful, be beautiful.

We live in a very judgmental society, so choose your clothes, tattoos, and lifestyle very carefully because you will be judged based on them. Your behavior on social media will have a huge effect as well; so [too] short skirts, inner thigh tattoos, and vulgar as you Instagram your selfies showing buttocks will say something about you as well, ensure it is what you want people to hear.

Your body is yours and yours alone. Embrace it graciously, respect and protect it, never allow it to be the first thing people recognize in you, be more of a spiritual being than just physical. And lastly, you owe your body to nobody but God. It is his temple after all, and not boys’.

I love you so much baby, and I can’t wait to meet you.

Love, Dad.