Damn Relationship Quotes

We live in an era where social media has set standards too high for men as far as relationships are concerned.
Popular love tweets, quotes and memes have really exaggerated masculinity, to the point where she thinks; “if he doesn’t pay off my mama’s bond then he’s not really into me, or he’s just a total loser”.

I have recently read a quote saying;
“When he really loves you, he’d catch you in bed with another man and just say ‘baby get dressed and let’s go home’”.
And sad truth is that some ladies would really expect him to do that.

These tweets are unrealistic, they expect men to be robots operating with a sole intention to serve her, and overlook that relationships are a two-way street.

You and your woman will disagree on something, she will storm out, and after a couple of minutes she’ll change her profile picture to an image of a young couple all cuddly with a caption; “when he really loves you, he won’t backchat you”.

Relationships are meant to be in between two adults of compatible sound minds, and if they are any unrealistic expectations to be involved, then they should apply to both parties.
These quotes shouldn’t be just about what men should do, but rather about what two people should do when they really love each other, since we rely so much on social media to verify the genuineness of our love. If he is supposed to drop everything when she needs him, she should do the same, no question asked. But, it is rather unfortunate how ladies expect guys to be fine on their own just because they are “men”, like being “men” is inhuman.

Before a man is a man he is just a mere human being in the very same way a woman is, so whatever would make her happy would do just the same for him.
I have seen men love their women the best way they possibly could, and still fail to satisfy her just because he didn’t text her at midnight like the twitter page had said he should when he really loves her.

Never doubt my love for you just because I couldn’t text you at midnight baby, I was asleep baby………………………… and dreaming of you.
And to all these women who come up with these outrageous tweets I say this to you, I hope you all are in loving relationships with tall, handsome and dark men with deep voices, who lick your buttholes, drive you mothers to their doctor’s appointments, hate football and just hanging out with the guys in general, watch over you as you sleep, never fantasize about pornstars and give you guys multiple orgasms, every single night.