Self Reliance

I look at you in the mirror and I say:
“Please take care of me baby”.



This guy swore to me he knows the secret to getting women, apparently, he got the “game” from his uncle and promised to pass it onto me, he must think I’m some kind of idiot, or his uncle thought he was.

No man truly knows exactly what is it that attracts ladies to them; no man knows exactly what girls like, and not even girls. Girls are different, even from each other so you can’t really measure their preferences based on a girl who laughed at your joke the other day, because you make meet a different girl and make the very same joke and look like a damn idiot. I’m not really an expert with women but ‘the make a joke’ route never really works out. I have seen many idiots make many idiotic jokes in front of their crush, and then a crush “crushes”, and I couldn’t help but think if that was me, I would have been seriously crushed.

And so the guy went on saying, “Girls do not want you to be all uptight, they want you to be cool”, I couldn’t help but think; being yourself is the “coolest” you can be, because if you fake it, she ain’t no fool, she’ll see you’re corny.
People that are comfortable in their own skins are the most attractive, because they have authenticity, uniqueness and originality that most “cool” people do not possess.

I have met a million experts when it comes to getting women, but somehow, they all just never seem to getting women themselves.

Anyway, I’ve once heard a lady say; “What we desire the most is not men, it’s just the ability to eat without getting fat”.