If I Die Tonight – 5 Things I’d Never Get A Chance To Do

Whenever I fall ill I just think of death, and all I’d miss out on was the unfortunate to happen. My obsession with death is really not suicidal, but quite the opposite actually. I have so much I’d like to do, and I sometimes wonder if one lifetime is enough really. At what could be my death bed I just decided to write about the first five things that came to mind was this to be the death of me.

1. I’d never get to witness my baby grow- I am expecting my first child around August this year, I could miss out on anything, just not her dear Lord , please not her.
2. I’d never get to see myself a successful man- I’ve always wanted to be a millionaire, to wear Tom Ford suits (and look like James Bond), and ever since the movie Tokyo Drifting I’ve always wanted to see Tokyo as well, and to drive a Ford Mustang ’63.
3. I’d never get to release my own studio album- I’ve been working so hard recording music and trying to get a recording deal lately. And if I were to die today I’d miss out on all that, the groupie love, and customized tour buses, and traveling half the world if not all of it.
4. I’d never get to “see” my celebrity crush of all times- Beyoncé is the “baddest bish” of our times, and one day I hope to see her in person. I’d do more than “see” her but let’s be realistic, who am I kidding?
5. I’d never get to look hot- Before my life is over I really want to have a hot body. God hasn’t seen me since before birth, and if we’re to meet soon I better look so damn good that even he might blush a bit when he sees me.

And before we all get worked up over my sickness; yes I have spent most of my day tucked in bed with a bad headache and feeling nauseous, but a hot cup of coffee, pills and an early night will sort me out just fine, so much that I’d even jog all the way from Johannesburg to Houston to “see” Beyoncé.

Damn Influenza.