Beautiful Places I Have Never Been to

My dream is to travel the world with a different girl on every different trip. I wish to see all the places I’ve only heard of in radio or saw on TV, such as Rome, Paris, Bangkok, etc. and plus I’ve once seen a magazine article that said all girls in Rio (Brazil) practically live in thongs, I want to see that as well.

Lately I’ve circled Johannesburg looking for a recording deal, and I realized that it is foolish of me to want to see places halfway across the world when I haven’t seen even half of my province. There is just so much to see in Jo’burg as it is, tourists’ attraction destinations, beautiful women, world-class hotels, and authentic pubs that only play tribal music and serve indigenous dishes. I have recently seen a Bentley and Ferrari car dealership in Jo’burg, and it felt like I was in a rap music video.

If I have missed out on so much in Jo’burg, imagine South Africa as a whole, imagine Africa. I haven’t even been as far as Cape Town, I’ve heard such wonderful things about the mother city and its beautiful beaches, women and weather and it all entices me so much that one day I might move there for good. I love Africa, I want to see Harare, Lagos, Cairo, Nairobi, etc. and occasionally fly to Mozambique just for prawns, because they’re said to be the best.

The world is big enough for all of us, we are just blind to that because we practice racism, xenophobia, terrorism, human and drug trafficking.

Rich men have been breaking the boundaries since forever, non-conventionalists, inventors, historians and many other scholars as well, they know of the true beauty this world truly has to offer.